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Aspen Resource Group understands the complexities of commercial real estate valuation and tax appeal strategies across counties and states. Our highly experienced team of professionals constantly monitors governmental regulations, compliance issues, change in market conditions and any other factor that may affect our client's assets nationwide.


Active Asset Management


Commercial real estate tax liability is best handled through a comprehensive and ongoing strategy. We utilize a proactive methodology to analyze market conditions in relevant tax jurisdictions. Our forward-thinking approach allows us to properly forecast potential adverse financial conditions or anticipate and initiate an assessment and appeal on behalf of our clients.


Proprietary Portfolio Administration


Aspen Resource Group utilizes a sophisticated property tax management platform to ensure the most advanced appraisal and economic models are implemented. Our service platform is both scalable and capable of handling portfolios in geographically diverse markets throughout the United States.


Expertise Everywhere


Our affiliate network of more than 200 offices nationwide, along with our own corporate locations, actively maintains ongoing relationships with governmental entities and proper adherence in thousands of tax jurisdictions. Our network of property tax professionals is dedicated to providing strategic guidance and technical expertise resulting in the fairest and most equitable tax liability for our clients.

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